Main Screen

Credit CruncherŽ uses a simple menu system for navigating the program. Some of the main areas of the program include:

NEW ENTRIES and PENDING ENTRIES. This is where you enter information on customers that the program uses to recommend credit limits.

SETUP MENU. On this screen, you enter your company name, address, phones, fax and e-mail address. You may also include an image of your logo. This information shows up on the credit applications, bank verifications and trade verifications. You also have the ability to set up 'File Groups' from this screen if you choose.

The FORMS MENU is where you can print credit applications, bank verifications and trade verifications. Credit applications and trade verifications can also be sent by e-mail. The credit application included has been used by many national credit managers for years and includes contract language and a personal guarantee. It also includes an authorization to release information, which most banks will require when sending them verifications.

The RECORDS screen shows information on existing customers. It also includes a notes screen, a place to add or change address and phone information, and a re-evaluation button used to re-determine a line of credit. If you should find a customer that you feel should be placed for collection, this screen also includes an on-screen placement form used to e-mail accounts in to Interregional Credit Systems, Inc.

The UTILITIES menu has a statistics screen that will show you the number of customers, average credit limit and oldest date entered by file group. There is also a help screen (which you can also access at any time from the menu bar at the top of the screen) and a screen that provides you with information on how to contact us, including a link to our web site and e-mail address.

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